Republican Slate Card – Municipal Election

Republicans for a New Lucas County:
Candidate Slate Card
General Election: November 7, 2017

Fellow Republicans,

With just 14 days until November’s municipal election, all eyes are on the Republican candidates trying to bring conservative government back to Toledo and the surrounding municipalities. The Republicans for a New Lucas County PAC looks to keep its supporters informed on these candidates and the positions they are running for. As such, here is a list of the registered Republican Candidates in Lucas County for Mayor, Council, Trustee, Municipal Judge, and School Board. Stay tuned for our next new letter and take a moment to visit our facebook page using the link below.

Yours in future Republican success,
Mark Wagoner

Disclaimer: The RNLC does not necessarily endorse any of the candidates on this list, but is informing its supporters of the Republican candidates that they have to choose from on the November 7th election.

Lucas County Republican Mayoral Candidates

Oregon: Michael J Seferian
Sylvania: Craig A Stough

Lucas County Republican City/Village Council Candidates

Harbor View: Jeremy Downing
Holland: Michael Bettinger, Roger Burditt
Maumee: Brent Buehrer, Timothy L Pauken, & Tracey Elmore
Ottawa Hills: Dana Dunbar, Edward Shimborske III,
Matthew R Gargas, & Rex A Decker
Swanton: Craig Rose (Fulton County Resident),
Kathy Kreuz (Fulton County Resident),
& Michael L Rochelle (Fulton County Resident)
Sylvania: Mark Clark, Mary J Westphal, & Patrick Richardson
Toledo: Alfonso R Narvaez, Patricia Robinson, & Rob Ludeman
Waterville: Anthony Bruno, Charles Larkins, John W Rozic,
& Mary Duncan
Whitehouse: Bill May & Richard E Bingham

Lucas County Republican Trustee Candidates


Harding: Milton R Keener
Jerusalem: David Bench
Monclova: Barbara Lang & Brian O Craig
Providence: Dave Heitzman
Richfield: Andrew J Bick, Douglas A Ronau, & Steve Bettinger
Springfield: Bob Bethel, David L Carpenter Jr., & Tom Anderson Jr.
Swanton: Cynthia Burkey & Jeff Michael
Sylvania: Don Miller & Kevin Haddad
Washington Township: Joanne Vail Nixon
Waterville Township: Karen M Schneider, Richard Wheeler,
& Brett Warner

Lucas County Republican Municipal Judge Candidates


Maumee: Dan Hazard
Oregon: Anne M Brossia
Sylvania: Anthony P Spinazze, Chris McGowan, Daniel T Ellis, & John Thebes
Toledo (1/1/2018): Jim Anderson
Toledo (1/2/2018): Timothy C Kuhlman
Toledo (1/3/2018): Hank John Schaefer III & Nicole Khoury

Lucas County Republican School Board Candidates


Anthony Wayne Local: Douglas Zimmerman & Vicky L Ryan
Evergreen Local: Donald W Smith (Fulton County Resident),
Jeff Pawlaczyk (Fulton County Resident) & Kenneth Kormanyos
Maumee: Jennifer W Campos, Jeremy Demagall, & Julia Demagall
Otsego Local: Bradley J Anderson (Wood County Resident),
Judith Ann Snyder (Wood County Resident), &
Mark David Tolles (Wood County Resident)
Ottawa Hills Local: Kate Pixler & Robert R Gnepper
Springfield Local: Ev Harris, Richard T Helminski, &
Sherri Koback
Swanton Local: Kristina Oberheim (Fulton County Resident)
Sylvania: Greg Feller & Stephen Rothschild
Washington Local: Brad C McDonald & Thomas Ilstrup