RNLC Newsletter: Issue 2

Republicans for a New Lucas County Newsletter: Issue 2

Fellow Republicans,

Four days remain until November’s municipal election, and the Republicans for a New Lucas County PAC wishes the best of luck to all Republican candidates looking to provide common sense, conservative government across the county. Candidate for County Party Chairman Mark Wagoner and the rest of the RNLC PAC look forward to the results on Tuesday and to working with elected Republicans in trying to move the county forward with a conservative agenda.

This second newsletter will introduce and interview the RNLC candidate for Party Chairman, Mark Wagoner. Along with this, we will start what will be a regular series for each issue. Each newsletter from here on, we will be interviewing leaders from the different Republican Party clubs and groups across the county. We will focus on how the group is applying and bringing conservative principals to its local area, as well as how to get involved with the organization. These groups are key to bringing conservatism to Lucas County, as we must work together to accomplish our goals.

Getting quality Republican candidates elected to offices across the county is possible when we come together. No goal is too high for us to achieve. This, however, takes a group effort across the board. If you are interested in helping the RNLC change Lucas County for the better, please consider joining the campaign or contributing a donation.

Yours in future Republican success,
Mark Wagoner
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The RNLC Newsletter team strives for accuracy and to be as fair as possible to all parties involved.

Lucas County News

Meet Mark Wagoner

Mark Wagoner is the RNLC backed candidate for Lucas County Republican Party Chairman. He is running to “turn around the Lucas County Republican party and restore it to it’s winning ways.” Born in Toledo, Mark attended school at both Georgetown and Ohio State. A qualified candidate, he served in the Ohio House of Representatives from 2004 to 2007 and in the Ohio Senate from 2007 to 2012. As an Ohio Senator, he was the Majority Whip and chairman of the Judiciary Committee, one of the more powerful sectors of the Ohio Senate. Asked what one piece of legislation he was most proud of, he said “If I had to choose one piece I was really proud of, it would be JobsOhio, where I was the lead author and primary sponsor. It completely reconstructed our economic development plan, and privatized a major government agency.”

While working in the State Government, he had a 100% rating from the United Conservatives of Ohio, and was three times recognized with the Watchdog of the Treasury Award. Conservative think-tank the Buckeye Institute said he was one of Ohio’s “fiscal pistols”. He has experience at the judicial level, as well, when he was appointed by Senator Rob Portman to serve on the Federal Judiciary Advisory Commission, charged with interviewing and screening judicial candidates, and helping to make recommendations to senators for appointment.

One way he specifically wants to improve the Lucas County Republican Party is to “create an infrastructure that allows the party to effectively get its message out to voters. This will include investments in technology, relationship building, and making sure our candidates get in front of Lucas County voters as often as possible.”

Currently, Mark serves as the chairman of the Ohio Military Facilities Commission, which is charged with making strategic investments in Ohio’s Defense Assets. Along with that, he currently represents Lucas, Wood, Fulton, Erie, and Ottawa counties as an elected member of the State Central Committee. Mark finished the interview by saying “When I was in the State Senate in 2008, I was a part of the last line of defense for Republicans in Ohio. From that, we were able to turn Ohio red, just like we plan on doing here in Lucas County.”

Everyday People Get Involved to Support RNLC

Joe Scherf, 36, has never been involved in politics before. Now after paying attention to Toledo’s mayoral election, and supporting City Councilman Tom Waniewski, he has begun to get involved in the political process. He is running in Maumee, where he lives with his wife and two kids. Asked why he is running to be Committee-Person for the RNLC, he said “I’ve never been a very political person, but in the past few years I’ve started paying attention a lot more, and it’s clear to me that the time for change is now. I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines while corruption is apparent in our national and local political spheres.” Scherf, who works as a carpenter and maintenance worker, considers himself to be “an average Joe.” He said that process of running has been “Lots of fun, the Republicans for a New Lucas County PAC has made things extremely easy and enjoyable to run as a precinct committee-person.” He wants people on the fence about getting involved to know that “if you want to see change, you can’t wait for others to do the work.”
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Club Highlight – The University of Toledo College Republicans

The first Club Highlight for the RNLC Newsletter is the University of Toledo College Republicans. Shane Logan, junior at UT, is the Vice President of the club. He has been with the group for about a year, and aims to stay with them for the remainder of his time at UT. Mr. Logan said that the College Republicans promote conservatism by “Backing Republican candidates running for office in the area, door knocking, and holding fundraisers.” They meet every Tuesday night in their student union to discuss major events happening around the world along with allowing speakers to come give their message and take questions from club members.

In the past, they have have “helped with the Portman and Trump campaigns, and backed Tom Waniewski for the mayoral election.” For students at the University aiming to be part of the club, Mr. Logan says “We are actively working on our social media page and will have it updated by the end of the year to try and make it easier for people to reach us. If you go to the student [organization] page on the University of Toledo website, our contact information is there to join the club.”

Mr. Logan finished by saying “It’s really important to give young people a voice in politics, especially in the GOP, and the University of Toledo College Republicans aim to do just that.”


Ohio News

Attorney General DeWine Talks Opioids, DNA Technology at Campaign Stop

At a campaign stop in Elyria, Ohio, gubernatorial candidate Mike Dewine made clear his platform and agenda. “We’re losing about 15 people a day to drug overdoses (in Ohio),” DeWine said. “Children are being born addicts. Our jails are detox centers. Drugs are having an economic impact on Ohio.” DeWine later stated that prevention from drugs has to start at the kindergarten level with age appropriate talks. DeWine said that his most proud accomplishment as a public servant has been approving on the inefficiency of processing DNA crime evidence. He said 13,000 old rape cases were retested using current DNA technology from around the state. He said they found matches on 38 percent of the cases. “It was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done,” DeWine said. “I wanted to make a difference.”


Renacci Participates in Town Hall on NFL Protests, Talks Tax Reform at White House, Votes for Pro-Life Bill


On Wednesday night, Jim Renacci participated in a special town hall on ABC6 in Columbus to discuss the NFL protests during the national anthem and his decision to pull a $20,000 advertising buy during NFL programming. The gubernatorial candidate said “Having the right to do something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right thing to do, and while I do not question the players’ constitutional rights to engage in this protest, I stand with millions of Americans who find it inexcusable and offensive.” On Thursday, Jim returned to the White House to meet with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and President Trump’s chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn, to discuss the urgent need for pro-growth tax reform. Having spent most of his career in the business world, Renacci is a vocal leader in the effort to shrink and simplify the tax code. Last week Jim also continued his pro-life leadership in helping pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The new legislation would prohibit abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy.

Written By Carter Bomeli and Edited by the RNLC Newsletter Team