Filing Announcement


    Through thousands of hours of hard work by a dedicated army of grassroots volunteers, Republicans for a New Lucas County filled at least 276 of the 312 precincts in Lucas County – more than 88% – with Republicans eager to revitalize our local party. That’s the highest percentage in more than 40 years and a major step forward to electing Mark Wagoner to be the next Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party.
   Precinct chairs are the backbone of the Lucas County GOP, providing candidates with the needed neighborhood support to get their message to voters.  The RNLC will continue to grow its ranks in the months to come and invites any person interested in helping to end one-party rule in Lucas County to join us.
    The recruiting effort was led by dedicated volunteers putting in thousands of hours of work with phone calls, events, social media, and knocking on doors. All this came together to begin to build our team, which is strong, diverse, energized, and dedicated to restoring a conservative voice in Lucas County government.
    The end of the Democrat stranglehold on Lucas County government begins today…
Yours in future Republican success,
Republicans for a New Lucas County
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