The Republicans for a New Lucas County is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that seeks to support high quality, conservative candidates.

Our Plan is as Follows

  • First we revitalize the party through quality candidates. As stated by The Toledo Blade, the current chairman “wasn’t able to complete his primary job – recruiting candidates to run against Democrats.” As Chairman, Mark Wagoner will actively recruit the many quality Republicans across Lucas County that want to get involved by running for office.

  • Next, we must support these candidates. Mark has a plan to fund the resources, technology, data, and voter outreach needed to run and manage successful campaigns.

  • To do all of this, we must fund the party. Over the years, Mark has raised and contributed nearly $1 million to help elect Republicans throughout Ohio. There are untapped Republican donors in Lucas County, who are not willing to contribute to the Lucas County Republican Party with its current leadership.

  • Finally, we must restore party image. Republicans need to be efficient public officials, not distractions. The Toledo Blade asked in March of this year: “Who in their right mind would return [our current Lucas County GOP chairman] to the elections board in any capacity?” with the local party contributing to a “deep rooted culture of dysfunction.” Leadership starts from the top, and Mark will be a leader that gets us in the news for our victories, not our downfalls.



Meet Mark Wagoner

Mark Wagoner is the RNLC endorsed candidate for Lucas County Republican Party Chairman. He is a former Ohio State Representative and Senator from 2004 to 2012. Along with that, he has served on the State Central Committee for the past five years, and has been involved in many local groups such as Toledo Right to Life and Lucas County CASA. Mark wants to “turn around the Lucas County Republican party and restore it to it’s winning ways.” To read more about Mark, see his full bio here.