What is The Central Committee?

All of the political power in the United States of American comes from a small elected position called Central Committee. It is the smallest and most important elected position in the Republic. Learn about it and get involved.

        1. What is Central Committee? Central Committee is the governing body of the political parties. Each political party has a Central Committee; Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens etc…
        1. What is a Central Committeeman? Central Committee men and women are the representatives of a neighborhood or precinct to a political party. Every precinct in America has a Central Committee member. Some counties call them by different names; Precinct Executive, Precinct Captain and others.
        1. How do you become a Central Committeemen? Central Committee members are elected positions. They are elected in the party primaries that happen in either March or May depending on the year in Ohio. The terms of the members are different in each county; two or four years.
        1. What is a precinct? Each county in Ohio is split up into precincts. Precincts are designed by the Ohio Secretary of State to include about 1,000 voters. They are also split according to neighborhood as much as possible. The precinct lines can change depending on your local county board of elections. Each precinct has an elected Central Committee member.
First, you must live within the precinct boundary.

Second, you must be registered to vote (or 18 years old by the general election in November) and indicate a party affiliation for the party you want to represent. You can change party affiliation at the time you file.

And you have to want to run. With that in mind, you don’t have to guess what to do next. Written plans are always better than winging it. With that in mind, we are  putting together the Precinct Committee Candidate Checklist to give you a starting point for your plan. Once you sign up, we will review the plan and step with you in full detail. AND HELP YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

A county central committee candidate must file a single form, a Form No. 2-L – Declaration Of Candidacy / Party Primary Election / For Member of County Central Committee. The form includes a petition which must include the signatures of at least five (5) voters of the same party who live in the precinct. Between your own household and a couple of neighbors, you can get these signatures in a few minutes, or we can help.

The following is a list of duties and responsibilities for every precinct committee member. This can change depending on your life and other commitments.

Representing your Precinct to the Party:

• Attend meetings of the Republican Central Committee to assist in organizing and supervising the County Republican Party operations and to endorse candidates (3 or 4 times a year)
• Vote in the election of local Republican Ward Leaders

Typical, but not mandatory, activities in the Precinct:

• Name 1 or 2 Assistant Central Committee Members to participate and assist in your efforts. Advise your Ward Leader and Republican Headquarters of their names, addresses, etc
• Recruit at least two Republican booth workers to work in the voting booth on Election Day. (These people are paid by the Board of Elections and assist the Board in ensuring an efficient and fair election)
• Recruit volunteers to distribute literature for candidates in your area
• Recruit volunteers to work the polls on Election Day
• Promote or host coffee’s for Republican Candidates to neighbors
• Maximize the Republican vote in your precinct

Local Non-Partisan Leadership

• As a Central Committee Member in your precinct, you are a leader in your neighborhood regardless of the strength of our party in your community. You will find that candidates and public officials of both parties will be interested in your ideas as to what needs to be done in your community.
• Depending on need, you should become active in the local block/street club, neighborhood development association, the local Republican Club, or with your local government.