Who Should I Vote For?

Many have asked us who to vote for to ensure that their precinct chair will stand for positive change in Lucas County by supporting new leadership in our party.  This tool will allow you to determine what candidates for precinct chair are willing to support a new direction for our party. Just type in your name to find the names of candidates supporting our efforts!

Either click the links or use your smart phone to scan the QR code.  This will take you to the voter search page.


You enter your last name,  click the “SELECT” button on the correct person in the list, and it will display your information, voting location,  and who to vote for for the State and County Central Committee..

If you have a common last name and it finds more than 50,  you’ll need to refine your search by typing in the first few characters of your first name.

You can then print out the report or display the report on your smart phone and carry it into the poling place.